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Noah's Ark

Composed authentic 8-bit retro music and designed all sound effects for this game jam submission.

My darn bear has escaped from the Ark! And now ALIENS ARE ATTACKIN' THE SHIP! I better git out my ol' trusty 2-barrel shotgun to deal with these hooligans!

Noah Thimblethorp, a rocket scientist who lost his mind after the war. In an attempt to do what he believes will save humanity, he built a spaceship to hold 2 of every kind of animal (or, at least two of all he could find). On his way to find a new home for his furry friends, his bear managed to escape in his custom made space suit! How could this have happened?! Now you have to defend the Ark until you find that darn bear.

Noah's Ark is a Gameboy style game made for GB Jam 11. It's a top-down horde survival shooter with minimal graphics. Can you make it all the way to your bear? And if you do, will you rescue him? Or will you enact revenge?

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