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Created and implemented all audio assets using Wwise and Unity.

In the far future, humanity has ventured into space to colonize and build habitable worlds for the human race.

However, not all planets are desirable…

Take Planet X35T32, better known as The Void Rings, a dark and hostile planet known for its over-ambitious zeal for flesh-eating creatures that stalk the wasteland, the toxic corrosive atmosphere that leaves you dead within seconds. 

Oh, and did I mention that this planet is PITCH BLACK? 

Good luck seeing in front of you without a good source of light. It’s no wonder this planet’s human population is so low, with undesirable features and all. 

Alas, humans need to expand and the galaxy is full of real estate, so live here they must. Survivable only due to the Oxygen lines that fill the cities with clean fresh air, these hubs become vulnerable if not completely destroyed when the oxygen lines crack and leak. 

Unfortunately, as if it wasn’t already bad enough, the corrosive atmosphere likes to chew away at the pipes carrying oxygen to the cities, leaving little time to spare until catastrophe if not fixed.

Solution? A repair workforce! Equipped with a small tank of oxygen and a limited flashlight (budget cuts and all), brave workers are sent out to find and repair the leaking pipes while avoiding an unfortunate encounter with the creatures that roam the wasteland. 

About the Jam:

Our team incorporated the light and dark theme in several ways.

A story of hope and despair - gameplay as fun yet terrifying - visuals and the mechanic of using a light to see in the dark and stop the monsters - but the music is also bound to the theme of light and dark. 

All music is from a piano, which traditionally contains only white and black keys - light and dark. 

To take it further, all of the musical themes for the player character are from the white notes of a piano, and all themes associated with the monsters are exclusively playing the black notes on the piano. 

The jarring dissonance between the light and dark keys was a perfect representation of the horror and fright of encountering a monster in the game.

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