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Card Souls

Composed a multi-layered track for combat and preparation scenes.

Souls-Like Combat

DODGE monsters' attacks.

ATTACK and make sure to complete Combos to hit even harder.

SHIELD wisely to not burden yourself with it

When you hear the heartbeats of the monster then it's time to raise the shield and PARRY it.

Don't forget your delicious Estus to recover your health, it's Yummy!!

Real-Time Card Game

 All your actions are controlled by cards, Play and Discard cards while not having turns or time to think, it's nonstop action!!

Massive Armory

With over 60 Combinations of 1H and 2H Weapons, Shields, and Armors in your Armory, pick carefully as every combination will change your Deck of cards and your deadly Combos.

Combo Fighting System

Your deck will always have simple cards and in the Combos will lay the main gameplay play your cards in different orders and form great combos from your arsenal.

Unique Enemies

Fight through the armies of the Golden blacksmith Hammer, avoid their attacks and learn their patterns.


Only the Mouse

Are you ready to save the World??

Thanks so much for playing and having fun!

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