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Adam Morton Music


I'm Adam Morton, a musician with over 10 years of experience in composing and performing music.

Playing board games is one of my favourite hobbies and ways to spend time with friends. Some of my favourite card games are deck-builders (Aeon's End, Dominion), trading / collectible card games (Gwent, Hearthstone), and card drafting games (7 WondersSushi Go!). I've taken my passion for music to the board game world by focusing on composing music to be the perfect soundtrack for your gaming experience.


If you're a game developer, let's connect! On my website, you can hear firsthand what sort of music can be part of YOUR Digital Board Game. Take a listen and send me a message if you want to collaborate on a project!

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Video Game Music

Here is a collection of video games I have composed music for. It's been a pleasure working with these developers and I look forward to all future projects!

The Witch & The Curse

Developed by Gael Fernandez

Once upon a time there was a witch called Zaleria that was cursed by one of her peers. It was a very mean thing to do, since she didn’t do anything to deserve being cursed. But Zaleria was strong and she would never give up. So she embarked on a quest to get rid of this curse. 

Experience the whole story in THE WITCH & THE CURSE!

Card Souls

Developed by Fadrik Alexander 


CARD SOULS is a Souls-Like Combat, Real-Time Card Game. Play and Discard cards with no time to think for non-stop action! Fight through the armies of the Golden Blacksmith Hammer: avoid their attacks, learn their patterns, and emerge victorious!

Robot Game Show

Developed by Erizux

Hello fellow humans! Watch one human participate in ROBOT GAME SHOW, where a human competes against robots by placing cards to redirect overloads to damage their opponents - but the human must be careful with the roulette! It has four events that make this gameshow more and more chaotic.


Developed by Erizux 


In KUEBIKO, you are the king of the birds and you have to defend your castle from the scarecrows. Choose your cards and use them to build towers - but be quick! The cards float in the river and will soon be out of reach...

Annventure High

Developed by GameMasterThe1


In ANNVENTURE HIGH, you are sent by your teacher to deliver a pizza to your principal - it's as simple as that!


Developed by Erizux 

CHYTRID is an interactive mystery short story. Play as a frog detective apprentice who just moved in to an unnamed town - interrogate other frogs, make your own hypotheses, and try to solve the mystery as it unfolds right before your eyes. Who's behind the tragic events occurring seemingly every night? The police? The elites? God? Find out in a fun less-than-an-hour story.

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"I have worked with Adam since May 2021, with the game Chytrid in the Mini Jam 79. Among the games I have made, this is one of my favourites, mostly for the music and the atmosphere. At the day of writing this, we have participated together in four Game Jams, and the jam in which we have stood out the most is the Mini Jam 99, our game Kuebiko, was in fourth place of 271 submissions. In general I like working with Adam for his talent and knowledge as a composer as well as for his responsibility."



Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.


Want to collaborate on a video game together? Let's connect!