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Adam Morton music

Crafting immersive soundscapes for gaming.

Adam Morton Music


I'm Adam Morton, a musician with over 15 years of experience in composing and performing music.

Playing games is one of my favourite hobbies and ways to spend time with friends. Some of my favourite games are deck-builders (Aeon's End, Dominion), trading / collectible card games (Disney Lorcana, Star Wars: Unlimited, Hearthstone, Marvel SNAP!), and card drafting games (7 WondersSushi Go!). I've taken my passion for music to the gaming world by focusing on composing music to be the perfect soundtrack for your gaming experience.

If you're a game developer, let's connect! On my website, you can hear firsthand what sort of music can be part of YOUR next game. Take a listen and send me a message if you want to collaborate on a project!


Saving Astral

Saving Astral

December 31, 2024

00:00 / 01:30
Moto Knight

Moto Knight

March 30, 2024

00:00 / 03:56
Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

September 25, 2023

00:00 / 00:49


August 19, 2023

00:00 / 01:28

license my music for your game from the following stores:

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All the music you need

Containing 108 LOOPABLE TRACKS and totaling over 3 HOURS of music, this music pack has it all for one affordable price. Inside the music pack, tracks are broken down into genres to easily find the exact style and mood you're looking for.


Not only do you get loops, but you also get the STEMS for two of the genres (95 in total), allowing you to create ADAPTIVE and INTERACTIVE music.


Player's health is getting low? Add in the drums!

All enemies have been killed? Take out the brass!


However you want the music to reflect the scene, you can control which instruments are playing in a given moment.

The Everything Collection.png
Hybrid Sci-Fi_1x1
Casual Contemporary_1x1
All Things Piano_1x1
Orchestral Fantasy_1x1
Retro Video Game Music_1x1
16 Bit Adventures_1x1



"I have worked with Adam since May 2021, with the game Chytrid in the Mini Jam 79. Among the games I have made, this is one of my favourites, mostly for the music and the atmosphere. At the day of writing this, we have participated together in four Game Jams, and the jam in which we have stood out the most is the Mini Jam 99, our game Kuebiko, was in fourth place of 271 submissions. In general I like working with Adam for his talent and knowledge as a composer as well as for his responsibility."


Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.


Want to collaborate on a video game together? Let's connect!

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